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6 February 1979
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Welcome to fencer_x's super awesome wonderful cool and quite dashing translation journal. This is mostly a place where I can dump stuff I find online I deem interesting enough to me personally to put forth the effort to translate from Japanese into English, especially stuff I think others will enjoy as much as if not more than me.

So, what exactly will you find here? Well I'm glad you asked! Here's a rundown of the lovely blogs you'll find translated here:

  • *pnish* - パニッシュ
    • Who Are They? *pnish* is a 4-member Japanese stage group most known for their unique comedy stylings and wealth of talent for any and every kind of stage performance in Japanese small-theatre. The members are Sano Daiki 『佐野大樹』 (aka Daiki-chan, Leader), Moriyama Eiji 『森山栄治』 (aka MoriEiji, Gaju, Sexy), Tsuchiya Yuuichi 『土屋裕一』 (aka Tuti), and Washio Noboru 『鷲尾昇』(aka Wasshi, Wassan). The blog I translate here is their rehearsal blog; it includes almost-daily updates of their performances, rehearsals, interviews, and just general goings-on of the group. If you visit the original site there, you'll also see lots of pictures the boys upload for fans.

    • So what kind of guys are they? These guys are so, so wonderful--funny, cute, charming, and talented. I'll go into further detail on the individual members below, since they all have their own personal blogs, too, now, but as for the group--it got its start back on July 1st, 2001, from a ragtag group of dancer-actors. They were more at first, but over the years other members dropped out (like Yoshida Naofumi) while others went and got hitched :) Now they are 4, and have been for a good while now. Though they may all have their individual projects, they always come back to their group and perform. In 2006 alone there were five *pnish* performances including all four members, and one more that included three of them. These boys hopefully have a long career ahead of them, as they're only just now starting to really gain popularity and a fanbase that is not to be trifled with, both in Japan and abroad.

    • Interest Piqued? Check out their LJ community, pnish for more information!

  • Tsuchiya Yuuichi, Tuti - 土屋裕一, つっちー
    • Who Is He? Tuti is a member of the above-mentioned *pnish*, but all of the members also have the occasional performance outside of the group as well. On his personal blog, Tuti talks about very random things at times.

    • So what kind of a guy is he? Tuti is...well, TUTI. He's very loud, positive, a great comedian, and has been described as the "mood maker" of pretty much every cast he's a part of. And he has horrible fashion sense that he somehow (we're still studying it) manages to make look really, really good. He's best known for his characteristic introduction--a loud, "HI! TUTI DESU!" (HI! THIS IS TUTI!) and loves to play the crowd. Tuti started his own blog in February 2006 in a move that confused many at first, but boy has it been a pleasure now. He still is a full member of *pnish* and posts on the rehearsal blog now and then (though albeit not as often as before), but this personal blog of his really is a PERSONAL blog--he posts about his work, his pleasure, his free time and rehearsals, random thoughts and observations, anything and everything. It's probably my favorite, I'll admit, just because of the wealth of information and the breadth it spans. Also, he updates almost daily, with pictures occasionally too (and he bought a new camera a while back, so some of those pictures are very nice quality :D), so I really encourage visitors to check it out!

    • Interest Piqued? Tuti's appeared in a few musicals of note in recent years--first as Oishi Syuuichiroh in Musical Tennis no Oujisama, and is currently Ichimaru Gin's actor in Rock Musical Bleach. He's also done individual roles in works like Sake Bocchan, Hageretto (a knockoff of Hamlet), and will be in Umm, Who Am I Again? in January, the Japanese version of the English play Cash on Delivery. You can find more information on him in these roles on tenipuri_myu and burimyu respectively, as well as the occasional update on tutixnagayan (be aware that this is an RPS community). *pnish* related info available on pnish

  • Moriyama Eiji, MoriEiji - 森山栄治
    • Who Is He? Moriyama Eiji, or MoriEiji as he's affectionately been dubbed, was the second *pnish* member to strike out and establish his own blog. Like Tuti, he's still a member of the group, but happens to have a separate blog where he posts weekly summaries of what he did in work and play that week. His blog isn't as personal as Tuti's, but is still fun to read (who knew he went to the gym that much?)

    • So what kind of a guy is he? MoriEiji is, on the outside, a very self-absorbed guy, but in an endearing way. He's dubbed himself "Sexy", and during performances will often introduce himself as such--which the fans love and gladly call him by. He started his own blog in March 2006, and since then updates weekly with a list of what he's done on each day that week--work-related as well as personal notes at times. He keeps up with his *pnish* blog posts more than Tuti does, even though they both have their own blogs, but likely because he doesn't post nearly as much to his own blog as Tuti does.

    • Interest Piqued? MoriEiji's appeared in musicals alongside Tuti since 2003, most notably his roles as Momoshiro Takeshi in TeniMyu and as Abarai Renji in BuriMyu. You can find more information on him in these roles on tenipuri_myu and burimyu respectively. He is also the seiyuu for Ibu Shinji in Prince of Tennis as well as Sasaki Koutarou in Eye-Shield 21. He is also starting a 2-man group outside of *pnish* with fellow member Washio Noboru, named 'Santies' as they are the two members of the group turning 30 (Eiji just turned 30 in October, and Wasshi has a birthday in February). They'll both continue to perform with *pnish* but will have performances with just the two of them as well.

  • Sano Daiki, Daiki-chan - 佐野大樹
    • Who Is He? Sano Daiki is the official unofficial leader of *pnish*. How unofficially official? So much so that the others lovingly refer to him as "Leader," whenever they're not calling him "Daiki-chan."

    • So what kind of a guy is he? He's a character, I'll tell you that. He has one side to him that very much deserves the role of Leader, where he's all business and nothing like the scrawny young thing he appears to be (though Tuti is younger than him). He's been known to lapse into "Leader Mode" (we did not make this up, I swear), where he knows what he wants and god help anyone who gets in his way. Some *pnish* members (usually Tuti) have been on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from Daiki when he's in one of his Leader Modes, and it's not a pretty sight. And then there's the Daiki you usually see--they happy, super-genki nervous wreck XD He speaks so fast he flubs his lines all the time, is a complete wreck on Panic Studio alone (hence why he's usually paired up with a calming presence like Eiji or Wasshi), and is just the cutest thing you've ever seen then. He's very proud of his Saint Seiya figurines, as he will boast, and has boxes under his bed that he refuses to reveal the contents of. Hmm...

    • Interest Piqued? Daiki-chan does almost all his work with *pnish* that I've encountered, though he is starting to branch out more into dramas and movies. This January he will be in the play, "Manjiroh and Flying John," with Saitou Takumi. You can find out more about Daiki on the *pnish* comm, pnish

  • Washio Noboru, Wasshi, Wani - 鷲尾昇
    • Who Is He? Wasshi is affectionately referred to in fandom as 'The Mr. Cellophane of *pnish*' because he's the quiet man of the group. He's a calming presence, though (what better man to be Pani-Green, then?), and essential to maintain balance in the group.

    • So what kind of a guy is he? Wasshi is the quiet member. He's not flashy, not loud, and as such many actually find him boring. But on stage he's a remarkable actor, with excellent comic timing, and even the other guys have said--without him, *pnish* would be this loud circus with no direction. He's a strong anchor for the group, and while he might be overlooked at times, he'd certainly be sorely missed.

    • Interest Piqued? Wasshi, as stated above, is branching off into a 2-man group with Eiji, the Santies, and just finished his third Live. You can find out more about him in pnish.

  • Nagayama Takashi, Nagayan - 永山たかし
    • Who Is He? Nagayama Takashi, dubbed Nagayan, is an independant small-theatre Japanese actor associated with Geiei Entertainment. He also occasionally writes and sings songs, and is quite well-known for his passion for clothes, even managing his own brand, Blossam [sic], which is sold in the closet of a store known as GAIN.

    • So what kind of a guy is he? Nagayan is actually pretty normal compared to these other guys, haha. He's small in stature, very lean, and very...very...attractive. He's probably got as many, if not more, fans by his lonesome as *pnish* has garnered all together, and his fan club events are not to be missed. He posts almost daily to his own blog, but very short comments with a picture usually. What he lacks in depth on the blog, though, he makes up for in backstage footage of musicals, interviews, and elsewhere. He's shown himself to be a really funny, outgoing guy, who cares very deeply for his friends, and is very personable with strangers and acquaintances alike. His music career is still blossoming (pun intended), with two albums (JAM and LOVE) and a single (Kokoro Ga...) out now.

    • Interest Piqued? Nagayan has appeared in independant plays by himself (Switch wo Osu Toki is his most notable one of late, being his first starring role), as well as musicals alongside Tuti and MoriEiji above. His musical experience includes his roles as Fuji Shuusuke (once) and Kikumaru Eiji (all other times) in TeniMyu and as Hitsugaya Toushirou in BuriMyu. You can find more information on him in these roles on tenipuri_myu and burimyu respectively, as well as his LJ-community blossoming_soul, and the RPS community tutixnagayan.

  • Miyano Mamoru, Mamo - 宮野真守
    • Who Is He? Mamo is one half of the comedy stage duo SmilySpiky along with Takagi Shun. The two met during TeniMyu in December 2003 and shortly after formed their group together having become close playing doubles in the musical.

    • So what kind of a guy is he? ...You really don't want to know XD But I'm going to tell you anyways. Mamo is a lovely young man, quite talented on stage as well as a seiyuu in many popular anime series lately (Eyeshield 21, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note) as well as providing the voice of Riku in the popular Kingdom Hearts games. He's hilarious to watch and read--and a complete. And utter. SPAZ. I'm dead serious--he uses more weird emoticons, more stars, more strange allusions and wording than anyone I've ever seen. And he gets VERY loud and very spazzy (which you wouldn't think would be possible through text, yet he manages it) in his posts. And don't get me STARTED on the pictures. He's the self-appointed Cup Master, known and feared in dining establishments throughout Tokyo as he raids them all on his quest to fit bigger and bigger cups fully inside his mouth. Yes, that's right. He proves this when he's managed a new cup by taking a picture of it and posting it for the world to see. If you do nothing else, check his blog for the pictures.

    • Interest Piqued? I've actually probably scared more of you away, but oh well! Mamo's mostly busy with SmilySpiky activities these days, but I was first introduced to him through his role in TeniMyu as Ishida Tetsu's and Tomoya Izumi's actor. You can find more information on him in these roles on tenipuri_myu. You can also check out the SmilySpiky LJ community, smilyspiky.

  • Saitou Takumi - 斉藤工
    • Who Is He? Saitou is an independant model-turned-actor, and for this many might, at first, dismiss him as another pretty face...but you couldn't be more wrong if you tried.

    • So what kind of a guy is he? Saitou's is probably one of the most fulfilling blogs there is to read out there. He doesn't post often, but when he does, rest assured it will be something that will leave you thinking for hours after you've finished passing your eyes over it and left the computer. To really understand his viewpoints you'll have to read his entries. You won't find any spazzy posts, or posts about upcoming events or such here. Saitou never, ever posts about his work (save one exception so far, and that was a very special case)--he posts about world events (he loves to travel), or little things that happen in his every day life that make him think, seemingly inane things that through his words become extraordinary.

    • Interest Piqued? Strangely enough, the Saitou you see online is a completely different one from the one I was first introduced to--through his role as the Hyoutei tensai Oshitari Yuushi in TeniMyu. In the backstages, he's friendly and talkative, if not very outgoing, and seems to be just another one of the guys, nothing terribly specialy (other than being staggeringly attractive ♥). He's also very very free with his sexuality, and has absolutely no qualms playing characters of questionable sexual orientation (Sukitomo) or outright gay (Boys Love, Man & Men), and yet he always makes you feel, the blog entries and interviews you read about are amazing. You can find more information on him in this role on tenipuri_myu.

  • Boys Love Blog
    • What Is It? Boys Love is a movie released in November 2006 about the burgeoning relationship between Mamiya Taishin (Kotani Yoshikazu), a Japanese journalist, and Kisaragi Noeru (Saitou Takumi), an artist/model. It's a sad, beautiful tale that you have to see to truly appreciate.

    • So what kind of a blog is this? Amazingly enough, even though the movie has been released for some time now, it's still being updated with quite revealing interviews from the three stars. Scroll around through November and December entries in this blog to catch translations. The boys (Saitou Takumi, Kotani Yoshikazu, and Matsumoto Hiroya) discuss varied topics, from gay marriage, to their own views on love, to simple backstage stories from filming.

    • Interest Piqued? You can find out more about this movie on boyslovemovie, including links to downloads and scans. The movie itself is being torrented on the Cross-With-You network, where you can browse for it here

  • Isaka Tatsuya - 伊阪達也
    • Who Is He? Tatsuya is a young actor (only 21-years-old) who I first came across through his role as Ichigo in Rock Musical Bleach. He's another independant, getting by right now mostly through events, talk shows, interviews and such.

    • So what kind of a guy is he? The cutest thing since sliced bread, seriously. I saw the musical first, and wasn't that intrigued by him, but he really just blossoms backstage into this spazzy kid who's in this world of small theatre and having an absolute blast, so he's very easy to relate to XD Many jokingly refer to him as Tuti's fanboy, because he really did latch onto both the *pnish* guys and Nagayan during the musical, looking up to them like older brothers and hanging around with them after rehearsals.

    • Interest Piqued? Tatsuya will be making his fourth appearance as BuriMyu's Kurosaki Ichigo in January 2007. You can find more information on him in this role on burimyu.

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  • _say_it_again has many useful translations of past entries, as well as random interviews and lyrics.
  • nan_to_itte handles the luffable D-Boys' entries--Adachi, Araki, Kaji, and Zukki.
  • abe_love is an Abe comm that also handles translations of Abe Yoshitsugu's (original Kawamura Takashi's actor) journal.

NOTE FROM THIS BLOG'S OWNER: Hihi~! This is fencer_x, dropping in to finish up this profile with some notes to whoever happens upon this LJ and reads what I translate here.

My purpose in doing this is trifold:
① It helps me in my Japanese studies, of course!
② I love these guys, and genuinely want to stay abreast of what's going on in their personal and work lives as much as I can.
③ I want to share them with the rest of the world who must experience them vicariously through a translator ♥

And it is with that third point that brings me to this reminder of anyone and everyone reading this blog: These men are Japanese. "...Uh, duh?" you may say, but I mean to say that they are Japanese, and they, for the most part, only speak that language. I provide the links (which aren't secret or anything, of course :P) so that you, too, can go check out their blogs, see the hilarious and/or moving pictures they put up, and enjoy yourselves. At times you may feel inclined to respond to a post--to which I say go for it. However, please please remember that unless it's in Japanese, they likely will not understand it (and for goodness sake please don't say you got to their blog through someone translating it XD;;;). That's not to say they don't appreciate the gesture, but wouldn't you like to do something a little more for these guys if you've taken the time to put your thoughts in writing?

With that said, I bring this to everyone's attention: I can and will translate replies you wish to post to Japanese blogs. I kind of want to specify that I'd like it to be, I dunno, kinda important, because I don't wanna be translating 20 people's random comments every time they post (which for Tuti is every day pretty much). But, I mean, we can judge for ourselves when we really need to relate something.

So please, don't be afraid to poke me and ask for me to translate for you--I do it for friends all the time and am not averse to doing it for others :) The more fans they get to touch from other countries through their blogs, the happier they are I'm sure.

Much thanks to grrliz_icons in this entry for the layout ♥