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6th-Mar-2008 09:32 am - Nagayan: 07/04-13/2004 [ARCHIVES]
So, thanks to the lovely nikki_aino's alerting me to this fact, Nagayama Takashi's old blog entries (from before he moved to his current one) have been archived by the WaybackMachine here, from around mid 2004 to early 2006. There's a LOT here that hasn't been translated before, and I'm going to tackle it as an attempt to get back into the translating groove XD

These entries are sometimes quite long, which calls to mind the question of why he stopped being so wordy, but for now just sit back and enjoy. The pictures that accompany the entries were not archived, but when possible and pertinent, I will try and include a description of what the image was. If anyone DOES have the image for this date, feel free to upload it and I'll link it here :) Text in italics is the link text for the picture.

Nagayama Takashi - 07/04-13/2004Collapse )
These are just a few of the entries from the diary section of Nagayan's OFF photobook. I'll be doing them all, but these are a tad slower going than online blog entries XDDDD

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13th-May-2007 11:22 pm - 11/04-28/06: MAMO _o_
School is out, I'm all a-gradumated, and Japan isn't for another 2 months, so what does that mean for you all?

BACKLOGS~!! You've all probably forgotten what your world was like by now when it was pelted with a hefty daily dose of stars and emoticons, but fear no more!

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5th-Mar-2007 11:47 pm - 03/05-06/07: Tuti, Saitou
Mostly updating because Saitou has caused me to need a new kidney. Warning: do not read his entry while drinking liquid.

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28th-Feb-2007 11:41 pm - *pnish* article translation
Here's the translation of a pre-On5 *pnish* article from the issue of Top Stage that went on sale last November. Tuti/Nagayan fans especially should check it out ^_~

Hitting the ground running from the first day of practiceCollapse )
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And lastly, a random Daiki entry because...he needs some happy vibes sent his way :(

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